Selling High-End Furniture

...of Things Past will maximize your selling price

How We Work

  • Images/Home Visit
  • Approval
  • Delivery
  • $$$$

If you want to consign with us..

If you wish to consign with us please email photos to: or mail your photos to our Bridgland location. If you have an extensive amount of furniture and large items, a home visit for a small administrative fee can be booked to simplify the consignment process and provide the support that is often required with moving, re-decorating and downsizing. For small items you can visit our Consignment Office located in our Bridgeland location.
Please note: Our Caledonia Store does not accept merchandise. All consignment comes out our Bridgeland location. To book a home visit please email us at

Our split is

At ...of Things Past our consignment split is as follows:
55% to the consignor; 45% to the store.

For each item sold under $375.00, the split is 50/50.
Please note the consignment split changes if the item's selling price reduces below $375.00.
A buyer's premium is levied onto each item...

Price Reductions



Consignment Office Hours

Small items and accessory pieces may be dropped off at our's Consignment Office. You will be asked to unpack your own items and repack any items that are not accepted. All items must be clean, if they are to be consigned or a cleaning charge will be applied. We reserve the right to limit the number of boxes that come in at one time through the Consignment Office.

Delivery Hours:
Monday to Friday: 10:15 AM to 4:45 PM

There is no one available in the Consignment Office during the weekend but you may leave your items with us. Please go to the front desk for assistance.


Delivery of merchandise is the responsibility of the consignor. We will be happy to recommend reliable movers. Delivery is by appointment. Please call ahead to advise us of your delivery number and delivery time. All furniture items and large accessories eg mirrors are to be delivered to our warehouse at 185 Bridgeland Ave. The receiving door is on the west side of the building labeled “Door 2″.
You must have enough manpower to move your own items out of your vehicle and onto the receiving dock.The receiving dock isapproximately four feet high. Our warehouse personnel are not permitted to leave the loading dock and move your items for you.

Delivery hours:
Monday to Friday: 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM (PICK-UP TILL 4:30 PM)
Sunday: Closed (PICK-UP TILL 4:30 PM)


The warehouse does not accept deliveries on Sunday. There are no exceptions.
All items that have not been approved or are no’s, have two days to be picked up or they will be automatically donated. Disposal fees will be applied. If your delivery team is still present, they will be required to take back items that had not been approved.

All returned items are to be picked up at the Bridgeland location only. There are no exceptions.

We reserve the right to raise prices. We reserve the right to photograph consigned products and place them in any of our locations at our choosing.

Our pricing takes into consideration the quality, condition and the demand for all items. Please do not be offended if we cannot take your items in to consign.

We reserve the right to change our policy without notice.